Sixty-two minutes. Sixty-two frickin’ minutes, I was on hold, and that was my *seventh* call to tech support about this issue.

And after more than an hour of insipid music and reminders about how “Your call is very important to us,” I finally go to talk to a tech. Now, four-and-a-half hours of additional “troubleshooting” later, my problem still isn’t solved.

That’s officially 11 hours over the course of five days wasted.

Shoot. Me. Now.

A Breach of Trust

Just like you, I’m a busy person. I have things to do, irons in the fire, balls in the air. It’s the whole reason I pay a good chunk of change every month for tech support.

I want to hand off this part of my workload to a specialist. I know for a fact this software is important. I know for a fact someone else can do it better than me. I know without a doubt in my heart that I’ll feel better about owning this software if I can count on the company to make it just work.

The only thing this company — cough McAfee cough — did was firm my resolve to find a different service provider.

You see, I want good products in my life. I want things that get the job done, that I don’t have to worry about. More than that, though, I want to be able to absolutely count on the company behind the product.

When things go sideways — and they will, because life — I want to call up the company in question, hand them the problem, and walk away, knowing that experts are on the job and won’t stop until things are fixed and operating normally.

Doing it Right

I have another business partner that is a shining example of this level of support: IssueTrak.

When I first demoed their product, I was kind of horrified: it was ugly; clunky. In fact, it still is (sorry, IssueTrak peeps, but truth told). It did what it was supposed to do, but it was about as far from Web 2.0 gloss as you can get and still be online.

But that said, I’ve been an IssueTrak customer for six years now, and there’s just one reason: their support team. I don’t know how they find, hire, and train these people, but they are miracle workers.

  • They answer the phone, almost immediately.
  • They connect to my computer without my prompting.
  • They’re knowledgeable and professional; courteous and human.
  • They fix the problem each and every time.

The first time I called IssueTrak, just a couple days into my demo and well before I was a paying customer, I experienced this exceptional level of support. That call, and the ones following it were what made me a customer, a true believer. And yes, I’ll be renewing my contract with them when the time comes.

(And no, I don’t get any kind of compensation from IssueTrak. This is just unsolicited gushing. 🙂 )

What’s your take on customer service and support?