Share the Cyber Security Load

Look, we get it. Really:

You already have a ton of things to do for your business. You don’t need any more work.

Especially complicated, tedious, exacting work that can make or break the future of your business.

Does that sound over-the-top? Consider:

A Quick Trip to Uh-Oh-ville

Danny was pretty savvy when it comes to tech. He installed plenty of software, bought computers and printers for the office, setup phones… He figured things out and went about building his business.

He approached backups the same way: Take a quick look on Google; ask a couple friends online; set something up. In this case, Danny got an external hard drive from Amazon and used Windows’ internal backup service. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works great. What could go wrong?

Enter ransom-ware. (Also, cue dramatic music…)

Ransom-ware mathematically encrypts your computer’s drives so you can’t get your data or even really use your computer for anything else. It’s an unbreakable lock, and the bad guys have the only key.

Last Tuesday, Danny’s computer got hit by ransom-ware. “But what about his backups,” I hear you ask.

Good question.

Because Danny’s backups were on a locally-attached drive, they got locked, too.

The only solution? Danny had to send two Bitcoins to an anonymous internet address. No big deal, right?

Each Bitcoin costs $418, and that’s just the price. It doesn’t include the time and effort of buying them in the first place (it ain’t easy, believe us!), or the heart-burn of hoping that the anonymous internet criminal will actually keep his or her word, and send the key to unlock the computer once he or she gets paid.

Good luck with that, my friend.

The Solution

Get some help with your cyber security. Maybe your existing IT person has some hidden talents or ambition for cyber security. Maybe you can figure it out for yourself with the help of our blog and others like it on the Internet. But maybe you’d like to get some help from friendly, talented cyber security experts.

We’d love to talk to you about your needs. Give us a call today!