The four keys to staying safe from ransomware

A $75 billion problem

Ransomware – software that holds your computer or your data hostage – is the single biggest cyber threat facing small businesses and private individuals today.

In the last three months of 2016 alone, more than 400 varients of ransomware were cataloged by security experts.

The average ransomware attack results in two days of downtime and lost revenue for small businesses, not to mention thousands of dollars of remediation costs.

One industry-leading security company estimated the total cost of dealing with ransomware in 2016 was over $75,000,000,000.

“Datto suggests that the financial impact of this brand of cybercrime starts in the range of $75 billion each year.” – The Atlantic, September, 2016

Is your business ready to deal this threat? Get detailed instructions for protecting yourself below.

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The four keys to saftey


Cautious Clicking

You can’t outrun your mouse. Slowing down and taking the time to read the link you’re about to open can save you a whole world of hurt. Slow down…

Update Everything

Most cyber attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities that are at least a year old. Slam the door in hackers’ faces by updating All The Things. Get updating…

Rock-solid backups

When the chips are down, and your business has ground to a halt, you’re going to want to have very solid backups you can turn to. Learn more…

Automatic Antivirus

This automated system is your sentinel against ransomware piggybacking into your network along with a more conventional attack. Next-gen antivirus can even stop running malware in it’s tracks! Set it up…
AJ Van Beest - Owner of North Star Cyber Security

“Learn how to implement these four tips and keep your business and your home safe from ransomware and other cyber attacks.”

AJ Van Beest
Owner, North Star Cyber Security

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