As data breaches go, this is a big one:

250 million records, spanning 14 years, were online unprotected for 26 days in December of 2019.

So there’s that.

The exposed records were centered around customer support, so if you called Microsoft for support from 2005-2019, you may be affected.

For once, though, there’s a pretty solid way to tell if you’re affected: Microsoft has notified all affected parties via mail. If you haven’t gotten an official letter, you’re probably okay.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

It looks like the risks from this breach are that your contact information and information about your computer system(s) could be disclosed.

I’d suggest changing the password for all your Microsoft accounts, and keep a weather eye out for scammy emails claiming to be from Microsoft for a while.

Scammers Gonna Scam

This kind of breach creates really fertile ground for scams.

Be on the lookout for phone, email, and physical mail scammers trying to scare you into taking action.

Get A Second Opinion

As always, I’m ready to help, if you want a pro to take a look at your system for signs of hackers. Drop me a line, or give me a shout!