Cyber security is like an ogre. And an onion.

And also parfait.

(Shut up, Donkey!)

Your business needs a layered suit of cyber armor. If an attack penetrates one layer, there needs to be another layer backing it up.

That’s why North Stay Cyber uses multiple software and hardware tools, as well as several interlocking best practices to secure your computers and data.

We start with industry-leading anti-virus that takes care of all the traditional worms and viruses that still proliferate the Internet, even today.

On top of that, we have next-generation anti-exploit software that is specifically designed to integrate with your most vulnerable tools (Java and Adobe Reader, anyone?) and stop attacks before they do so much as glance at your computer.

Next, we monitor your computers for software changes and updates. We make sure that your computer is always up-to-date (third-party software as well as Microsoft products!).

Finally, we run a host of system performance and security checks on your machines several times an hour.

If anything is out of whack, our technicians get notified immediately and get started solving that problem.

All these advanced tools and techniques are backed up by rock-solid, unlimited backups.

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