Hi Brainy Boss Friends!

I’m really excited that you’re here!

Annie and I talked about a lot of stuff:

  • Finding and booting hackers from your computer with Malwarebytes;
  • The wonders of the LastPass password manager;
  • How bad cyber security can destroy your business, and what to do about it.

I also promised you some awesome deals on cyber security “stuff,” so without further ado:

Awesome Deal Number One

I promised you my guide to “The Five Pillars of Cyber Security for Small Businesses.”

This guide walks you through my complete process for securing my clients’ business (and personal!) computers. I tell you which tools I use, and why I’ve selected  those particular products.

Awesome Deal Number Two

Is your computer clean and good-to-go?

Willing to bet your business on it?

Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

Get a seven-point security assessment of your computer. I’ll check your computer for a full range of security issues, including searching for and removing malicious software already on your computer. At the end of our call, you’ll also have a customized plan for improving all facets of your cyber security.

People usually pay $129 for this advanced service, but as a Brainy Boss fan, you can get it for just $59!

Awesome Deal Number Three

Get a jump start on implementing one of the core strategies from The Guide.

You know it’s important to keep bad things from making it to your computer. 

Make it easy by getting a 33-day free trial of the easy-to-use DNS Filter software!

Take the first step toward keeping your computer hacker-free by clicking below:

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