Protect Your Business From Being Destroyed by Hackers

Security for Mental Health Pros

Your private practice is caught in a perfect storm:

You have all the cyber security risks of small business, all the juicy private patient information hackers crave, and all the federal oversight and liability of health care.

Hacks carry huge financial risk

Cyber attacks carry significant financial risk for mental health professionals.

A hack at a small practice costs a minimum of $100k in HIPAA fines and cleanup.

You are in a hacker's cross-hairs

70% of all cyber attacks target small businesses with fewer than 15 employees .

More than half of those businesses are shut down within six months of a hack.

Hackers target
small biz


Small businesses suffered cyber attacks last year

Hacks = huge costs

Min cost of hacker attack cleanup

Killing your business


Businesses shut down within six months of cyber attack

It’s worse every year

  • Annual rise in ransomware detection 90% 90%
  • Businesses experiencing multiple ransomware attacks 40% 40%
  • File-less attacks that bypass antivirus 77% 77%
  • Businesses affected by cryptominers 55% 55%
  • Annual increase in spyware & hijackers 70% 70%

* Information from the US Small Business Administration and The Ponemon Institute.

About North Star Founder AJ Van Beest

AJ has 10 years of experience with cyber security in government, the corporate world, and with small businesses. He was a founding member of a state-wide cyber response team in the upper midwest; one of the first of its kind in the nation.

AJ also has a lot of fancy titles and letters after his name, like CISSP, GPEN, GWAPT, etc., that come from years of intensive studying in the field, and a decade of practicing what he preaches.

When he’s not “cybering,” you can find AJ hanging out with his family, cooking, playing board games, or doing something fun outside.

About North Star Cyber Security

Small businesses like yours are ignored by most cyber security companies. You’re not big enough to afford $45k for a “consultation,” and even if you had that kind of money available, you probably have more pressing needs for it. Your kids’ college fund, for example.

But while you’re being ignored by the bigger security players, hackers surely are paying attention. They know you don’t have dedicated IT staff, much less security specialists on board. They know you’re easy pickings with a high reward/effort ratio.

We love the spirit of the small business community. We are visioneers and doers. It’s a part of what North Star Cyber is, and we want to protect that community – we want to protect you – from cyber criminals.

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